Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a Terrible or a Wonderful Choice

A Terrible or A Wonderful Choice

But with loud shouts the crowd insistently demanded that Jesus be crucified,
and their shouts prevailed.
So Pilate decided to grant their demand.
He released Barrabas who had been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder,
the one they asked for,
and surrendered Jesus to their will.
- Luke 23:23–25 (NIV)

The crowd choosing one of its own over Jesus seems like a one time event hundreds of years ago.  It feels like time, distance and culture removes us from that event.

It would seem that way but the truth is different.

This choice didn't just happen once it happens every day.  Every day we are confronted with the choice to blend into the crowd.  Every day we choose either to accept or reject the LORD Jesus Christ.

Take a good look around you and you will see people choosing.  When a spouse chooses to violate their marriage.  When a grown child chooses to neglect their parents.  When someone chooses to go along with a bully rather than stand with the weak.  When you choose to allow someone else’s poor life choices make you feel better.  It is in moments like these that we make the terrible choice of Barrabas and the crowd

One the other hand we see people making the wonderful choice too.  When we choose to stop and help a stranded motorist change a tire.  When we choose to comfort a friend who has just suffered a loss in their life.  When we choose to make a bold stand with the weak instead of fearfully following a bully.  When we choose to feel compassion, mercy and forgiveness towards the one who hurt us.  It is in moments like these that we make the wonderful choice of the LORD Jesus Christ.

The power and truth of many stories from the Biblical narrative is not that they happened long ago and far away but that they are happening in our lives today.

Are you going to make a terrible choice or a wonderful choice?