Tuesday, December 16, 2003


This weekend Special Forces in Iraq emptied a whole. The great leader of that country was found hiding. No longer the well-kept man we had seen in past photos now he looked like a disheveled homeless man. It is reported that as he emerged he said, “I am the president of Iraq, I want to negotiate.” He simply surrendered and left and empty whole. The hopes of his followers that they would be victorious and we would leave dashed. Their great leader was conquered.

As God’s people we an empty tomb. Our great leader was left for dead, abandoned by those who publicly followed him. Soldiers guarded that tomb but they could not hold him. When Jesus emerges from his “hole” he was not surrendering at gunpoint. Instead he was emerging victorious over sin and death. All the hopes of his people were restored. No longer did they have to hide in fear. Instead just like their leader, their Lord, their King they too are victorious!

We are also victorious like those of the early church because of Jesus. His resurrection, his empty tomb was not just for those who lived in the past. It is also for us now. We may not know where that empty tomb is but we know it is empty. We may not have seen Jesus in the days following his resurrection but we have the testimony of witnesses. We see the truth in the resurrection by the way that fact, that truth changed the lives of those original believers. We also see the truth of the resurrection by the way the lives of believers today are changed.

Encounters with the truth of Jesus never leave people the same. We are always changed. Like Paul said the resurrection is foolishness to those who are perishing but hope to those who are being saved.
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