Thursday, March 18, 2004

In a World of Bad News, the World Needs Good News!
Where is some good news? A quick view of the news today reveals a lot of bad news. Sure there are some stories that seem like good news but on the whole we live is a world full of bad news! We also live in one of the most medicated societies ever! Most of the medicine being taken (not all of it legal) has to do with depression or mood alteration. Why? BAD NEWS

So where can we find some good news?

We have the good news for our depressed society. Don’t believe me read the first simple sentence in Mark’s Gospel:

“The good news of Jesus Christ - the Messiah! - begins here.” (Mark 1:1 the Message)

As we have read Mark’s account of Jesus life in the Upper Room we keep seeing good news! Here are a few headlines:
Satan Defeated in the Desert by Hungry Man (Mark 1:9-13)
Evil Spirit Cast Out in Capernaum Synagogue (Mark 1:21-28)
Leper Healed and Praises God (1:40-45)
This is just from the first chapter. The rest of this book is filled with the good news of Jesus’ authority! He has authority over Satan, demons, leprosy, paralysis, fevers and other disease. He has authority to call people to follow him and to teach. He has authority over nature stopping storms and feeding thousands with one lunch. These events alone are great news but Mark has even better news.
Over the next few weeks we will explore Mark’s Good News and reveal the best news of all.
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