Thursday, September 09, 2004

What Does a Holy Life Look Like?

What Does a Holy Life Look Like?

Since we just explored why we as God’s people live a holy live we need to know what that life looks like. Some people feel that to live a holy life you have to follow a list of “don’ts” Don’t do this or don’t do that and if you don’t do all the bad things that you are living a life pleasing to God. That is almost true. It is pleasing to God for us to avoid sin. This theory of holy living is missing an important part. There is more to a life pleasing to God than avoiding sin we also have to do something.

I want us to look at the “do’s” of a holy life. To do this we are first going to see what Paul say’s in the 3rd chapter of Colossians. In this chapter he talks about setting our hearts right with God in three areas. The first area is setting our hearts on Christ Himself (Colossians 3.1-.4). The next area is setting our heart against sin (3.5-.11). The last area is setting our hearts on pleasing God (3.12-.17)

He begins the chapter by telling us to set our hearts on Christ Himself (3.1-.4). This is the “Why be holy?” question. We are holy because we recognize what Christ has done for us by raising our hearts with Him (3.1) and we set our hearts and minds on thing above. Next we recognize where Christ is. He has been elevated to God's right hand. Then we recognize that we died and our lives are hidden in Christ (3.3). Finally we are holy and set our hearts right with God because we recognize that Christ is our life (3.4).

In the next section of the 3rd chapter Paul writes about setting our hearts against sin (3.5-.11). These are the “don’ts” of a holy and pleasing life. We put off our old self that died and with it our old sinful practices (3.5-.9a). Then we put on our new self that was raised to life by the blood of Christ (3.9b-.11)

In the last third Paul talks about the “do’s” of a holy and pleasing life by setting our hearts on pleasing Christ (3.12-.17). Here we can see what a holy life looks like by being…

compassionate and kind (3.12)

humble, patient, and gentle.

forgiving (3.13)

loving (3.14)

peaceful and thankful (3.15)

indwelt by the word of Christ (3.16)

an ambassador for Christ (3.17).

As we discuss a holy life we will look at some of these “do’s” more closely.

To live a holy life we must to do the “do’s” and avoid the “don’ts”. We must avoid sin and at the same time live holy! It is important to note that just because you do the “do’s” and don’t do the “don’ts” does not mean you are live a holy life only. More on this to come!

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