Thursday, December 23, 2004

jingle cats

ok last saturday morning i am listening to morning edition on npr minding my own buisness when they do their yearly worst Christmas music segment. i mean some of this stuff is just awefull but on cd they featured i had to buy it was the jingle cats "mewie Christmas" cd. imagine an entire cd of christmas songs "sung" by cats.

be afraid be very afraid this is at once some of the worst music i have ever heard and one of the funniest cds ever! probably the best is the ode to joy! almost as funny as space ghost's musical bar-b-que which when i first heard it nearly made me wet my pants and the seat to my buddy brice's rodeo.

if you dare to buy this cd i would recomend that you buy a used one from amazon i got mine for 5 bucks with shipping. if you want to hear a sample go to the jingle cats website you can also buy other jingle cat's cds or the one with the dogs called Christmas unleashed. they are also available on itunes

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