Friday, November 03, 2006

guiness bar & prayer

my ibook is at the shop for the second day. the cable that connects to the screen is broken and needs to be replaced. mega bummer. i have cloned the hard drive using carbon copy cloner so i have been booting my old imac dv at home and my old imac dv+ at the church building as my lap top. osx 10.3.9 runs pretty well from a firewire drive at 400 and 450 mghz on 512 or 192 megs of ram. itunes 7 doesn't work but everything else seems to run fine.

i should have it back by tuesday!

a prayer for healing

listen to me
hear me my God
i am broken
i am injured
repair my brokeness
heal my injuries

make me whole once more
thru you Son's power restore me.

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