Tuesday, January 23, 2007

losing your salvation!?!

Hebrews 6.4 - .11

Hebrews 6.4 - .6 maybe the harshest and most controversial part of the book of Hebrews. Take a moment and read those few short verses and you will see what I mean. The controversy seems to focus on the fact that someone can lose their salvation. There is a debate as to whether these were true believers or not. To me the most astonishing part of these verses is not that we can lose our salvation but that someone would walk away from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The author of Hebrews reminds the readers what these people have walked away from. First, they walked away from the heavenly gift. Then they walk away from their share in the Holy Spirit. Next they spit out the word of God after tasting its goodness. Finally they leave behind the powers of the coming age. By doing this they once again crucify the SON of God and subject him to all the disgrace he already suffered on their behalf.

They have no means of return. There is no repentance left for them! They have experienced all the blessings that the LORD has to offer us in this world. They had the heavenly gift of salvation that the Son bought us. They had a share in the Holy Spirit, that part of God that lives in each of His people. The tasted the goodness of God’s word and enjoyed it teachings. They experienced the power of the coming age. Instead of remaining faithful and holding on the all this goodness they walk away from it. In doing that they punish the LORD Jesus Christ again. How could someone do this!

This wasn’t an accident, they did not just slip away from their faith on the other hand they deliberately rejected their only hope! The author makes an agricultural analogy to help describe what they are like. (Hebrews 6.7 & .8) It is as if they were ground that received rain daily but instead of producing a useful crop they only produce thistles and thorns. They received the blessings from God and instead of producing a good crop they produced weeds. The blessing weren’t the problem but they were.

But, the author is confident that the readers are not like this! (Hebrews 6.9 - .1 The author looks at their lives and sees them producing a good crop. They are taking the blessings of God and are growing. They have repented of their past sins and are changing the direction of their lives. They received the heavenly gift and walk in it not away from it. They rely on the power of their share of the Holy Spirit, to have the wisdom and courage to live a life pleasing to the LORD. They not only tasted the goodness of the word of God and the power of the coming age and they are eating it up. They are not humiliating the LORD Jesus Christ again instead they are glorifying him with their lives.

Who are you? Are you walking away from the blessings of God? Are you producing weeds, thorns and thistles? Are you crucifying the Son of God all over again?

Who are you? Are you walking in the blessings of God? Are you producing a useful crop? Are you crucifying your old self and bringing glory to the Son of God?

The choice is yours but after experiencing all the blessings the LORD has shown me I will always walk in the way of the LORD and nothing will cause me to walk away from Him!

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