Monday, April 09, 2007

01 sex talk

here is the first in my series of articles i wrote for our family life at the church of Christ in falls church that i am posting here for you all to enjoy

01 sex talk
Our culture is filled with sexual messages. These messages come from our parents and our friends. These messages come from the movies we see, tv shows we watch and the magazines we read. Messages are sent from schools and the church. Some of these messages are positive and some are negative. Unfortunately many of the messages I see tend to be on the negative side.
For example, many popular tv shows portray causal sexual activity among friends and coworkers as something normal. It is shown as something to be expected. It is something that is harmless and doesn’t hurt anyone at all. This is a lie! Casual sex outside marriage is harmful. People’s feelings are hurt and expectations are not lived up too. If it involves a boss and employee, all kinds of problems can happen. Usually a tv show uses this for humor or glosses over the reality of an office affair.
Another negative message I see comes from the school system. Instead of treating teens and students like human beings with self-control and feelings, they are treated like animals who have no self control. They are given the mechanics of sex but not the truth. With this mechanical knowledge they are simply told to be careful because they could get a disease or pregnant. (On a side note it is tragic that pregnancy is equated to an disease.) The truth is we, are not animals who have no self-control but we are humans created in the image of the LORD. It is one thing to know the mechanics of sex but it is a different story to know the spiritual and psychological ramifications of sexual activity.
A final negative message comes from an unexpected place: the Church. Now I am not talking about the Church of Christ in Falls Church specifically, but the Church in general. For too long, this has been a subject we have neglected to discuss openly and honestly or it has been a topic we answered simplistically. The simplistic answer is “Don’t have sex until you are married or you’ll burn!”
In the Upper Room’s Sunday Night Live, we are discussing the topic of sex and sexuality openly and honestly. We are discussing the fact that the LORD created sex. He created it not just for procreation, but to bring a man and a woman into a wondrous and mysterious union. We call this union marriage. It is for marriage and in marriage that the LORD created sex to take place. Sexual activity outside of this context is not what he planned. It is a sin. We are called to live sexually pure lives not because of some disease we may contract, or because of some psychological damage we may face, but because we are the LORD’s people, striving to live the life he has called us to. If you have strayed from this path, the good news is you can find forgiveness, grace and renewal.
This is part of the positive message about sex and sexuality we are communicating in the Upper Room’s Sunday Night Live during our 7 week series on sex and sexuality we started last Sunday night.
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