Saturday, September 22, 2007

busted head!

me and the family went on a long bike ride on the washington old domion trail to the town of vienna. we met up with some friends who live there and ate doughnuts and kettle corn popcorn at the farmers market. during the fun tyler ran and tripped into a bench hitting his head just above his eye. needless to say he cut it open and bled a lot at first. lisa used her first aid skills and stopped the bleeding with a band aid. then we cycled back to the van after some lunch and i took him over to the urgent care center for 3 stitches. he is doing fine and was very very good as the doctor put 3 stitches into his eye brow. never a good experience holding your child still as he cries as they stitch him up or give him a shot.

here are some pictures i took with my phone so the boy could see what he looked like.
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