Wednesday, June 09, 2010

We Do It Our Way! (The Tower of Babel): Reflections on Genesis 1 - 11

We Do It Our Way! (The Tower of Babel)
Reflections on Genesis 1 - 11

The truth of the Tower of Babel (Gemesis 11.1 - .9) is not that it just happened once but that it continues to happen. In the first 11 chapters of the Book of Genesis we are continually faced with stories of humanity trying to do it our own way and failing. Adam and Eve listen to the serpent and try to be like god on their own terms. Cain decides he can do things himself rather than listen to the LORD’s warnings. Humanity as a whole turns away from the LORD and is destroyed in a flood with only one family saved. The descendants of this family gather in a plain in Shinar to settle and once again try to do things their way.

The LORD has created an entire world for us to inhabit but we decide to stay together and build a city. We had been called to fill the Earth and inhabit every corner but instead we decided go our own way and build one city. To build this city and tower we make our own bricks, instead of the rocks the LORD created. The purpose of this city and the tower was to make a name for ourselves. It is all about our selfish pride as we once again try to be like god. Once again we are choosing something that seems good but is actually evil.

When the LORD comes down to inspect the tower and its city he is horrified. Once again we are disobedient. Once again the LORD has to help us come back around to where we should be by confusing our language and scattering us. Because we are created in the image of God we are capable or more evil and destruction than other parts of creation.

Today this story still happens when we choose to try to live on our own terms we fail. We have been called to live a greater life through Jesus Christ than any life we could imagine or find without him. The choice is ours.
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