Tuesday, July 16, 2013



This series is inspired by both the Letter/Book of Revelation and Mike Cope’s book Megan’s Secrets

Stories are important.  We read, watch, listen to and live stories.  That’s right, each one of us is living out a story.  Our stories shape the way we view the world around us.  Our stories shape how we see ourselves and how we live.  Do you see your life story as one of failure or one of success?  Do you see your life story one where you are in control or do you see yourself as at the mercy of bad luck?  Do your see your self as the hero of your story or the villain?

Over the next few blog posts I want to explore the idea of story.  As I reflected on this idea, it appears there are two main plots to the story you can choose to live.

First there is the LORD’s Story.  You could also think of this as a Holy Story or the Lamb’s Story.  It is a story whose plot line runs right thru the writings we find in the Bible all the way to our lives today.  It is a story that centers around the fact that we are created and this time we are in now is not all there is but more is to come.  Now is preparing us for the glorious future to come.

The second story can be thought of as an Unholy Story, the Beast’s Story or a Satanic Story.  This plot line is also seen in the Bible and we also find it playing out today.  This is the counter story that tells us that we are accidents that just evolved.  It tells us the lie that the here and now is all we get so you had better grab and take all you can because there is nothing else to come.

You choose the story you live. It may not be easy but you can change your story.  You can’t change the past of your story but the future is up to you.  The challenge from the book of Revelation is still true today- are you going to live the Beast’s story or the Lamb’s story?

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