Tuesday, November 11, 2003

another glimpse into the life of Pak and his friends this is a story based on a skit that i have performed in the past but i don't know who the author is.


Pak was excited about seeing his best friend, James, who had just bought a car. They had grown up in school and church together. When James pulled up in his "new" used car Pak ran out to meet him. "Wow, man, this is a cool car," said Pak as he walked around James's mid-80's green Honda.
"Thanks. Want to take it for a ride?" asked James.
Pak hopped in the car and James backed out of the driveway. They cruised down the road with the stereo blaring and the windows down. Pak was looking around in the car thinking James was so lucky. In the glove box Pak found a pack of cigarettes. "Hey James you don't smoke. What's up with these?"
"Oh, those are nothing. Me and some new friends of mine cut class for some smokes down by the river that's all." James answered.
"Who are these new friends?" Pak said suspiciously.
"Jimmy, Todd and those guys."
"Wow, man, they have a bad reputation! You know Todd has been to juvenile hall for theft."
"I know that but they are great guys and a lot of fun."
As Pak listened to his friend he still searched the car and found a six pack of beer in the back seat. "O.K." Pak declared, "This has gone too far. Take me home! I am not riding with you. Not if you are going to hangout with Jimmy, Todd and 'those guys'. Not if you are going to start smoking and especially not if you are going to start drinking!"
"Don't get uptight Pak. I'm not a bad person, I just want to sow some wild oats. I'm tired of being a 'goody﷓goody'. I want a new image, a new 'James'. Anyway, a little dirt never hurt anybody."
"Fine just take me home."
They rode home in silence. James knew he had upset Pak. He knew that Pak did not approve of his new lifestyle. He also knew that he valued Pak's friendship more than his new friends. As they pulled into Pak's driveway John said, "Hey, Pak, why don't we go in and get a coke and talk. O.K.?" They walked into the kitchen. James sat at the table while Pak grabbed a 2-liter out of the fridge. He poured two glasses of Coke and walked toward James. He put his glass down and then carried James' glass over to a house plant and put a handful of dirt into his glass.
"What on earth are you doing Pak?" exclaimed James in surprise.
Pak answered James with a smile on his face. "Well you said a little dirt never hurt. So enjoy your dirt!"
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