Thursday, November 06, 2003

in my effort to reprint some of my old bulletin articles and youth zones i have stumbled across some old friends i want to share with you. over the next few weeks we will see some stories about them. you will meet pak, zoon, james and the others i will also give some info about their origen as well.

This morning I am beginning a series of articles that will center around a young man named Pak. We will get to ride "shot﷓gun" with Pak as he experiences life. We will share in his ups and downs and meet his friends along the way.


Pak had been roller blading with his buddies all morning and stopped for lunch. So he skated up to a hamburger stand for a burger and a sports drink. He sat down at a small cafe style table to eat. He watched his fellow roller bladers as they jumped over park benches, chairs and an old homeless man.
Pak did a double take and stared at the old man for a while. His feelings toward the man were a little scared and a little disgusted combined. Scared because he had been warned to stay away from street people. He had always thought of them as crazy drug addicts who wanted to bully money out of people. Disgusted because not only did this homeless guy look and probably smell bad but he was also in his friends way. "I am glad to be young," he thought to himself. "I am also glad I am not some homeless guy who doesn't have the drive to get a job. I am glad I don't mooch off of society."
"In fact I have a job at a pizza place and I contribute to society through some volunteer work. I wish more people were like me!" Pak was feeling very proud of himself. So proud of being better than any homeless person. Especially the one over there. Then he noticed that the homeless man was looking right at him. At that moment the blue lonely eyes of the old man met Pak's energetic brown eyes. In that moment Pak saw the man for what he truly was. He was not a scary street person, he was not a jobless bum, he was not a crazy drug addict and he was not an obstacle. No, the old homeless man was a person just like Pak.
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