Tuesday, October 28, 2003

here is my third and final article in my narnia series from early 1997

The Women at the Wardrobe

Lucy, in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, discovers that the wardrobe is actually a door to another world, Narnia. She has come in contact with a magical place. It is a life changing place and she wants to tell everyone she can about it. She is so excited about her discovery that she runs to tell her siblings. They, of course, don't believe her. They have never heard of such a thing nor have they seem such a place. It takes their own experience of going to Narnia for them to believe.
In the Gospel of John we meet a lady who has a similar event happen in her life. She discovered that a well was a doorway to a new life because at this well she meets Jesus. He is the life changing person. Her encounter with him is a life changing event. She also runs and tells people about who she has met. They believed what she said and had their own experience with Jesus. Many come with her to see this man and believe.

There stories are ours as well. We have had a life changing encounter with Jesus. We also should run out and tell everyone we can. Not all will believe us. Some will even make fun of us. We need to be like little Lucy and the Samaritan women. We need to bring people to meet Jesus and his forgiveness.
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