Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Last night the people of the state of California recalled their old governor and elected a new one. The campaign was short but it was hard fought with a lot of twists and turns. But in the end the old was thrown out and the new was welcomed.
as Christians we have also had our own recall in our lives. We had a king in our lives. This king ruled us not by love but thru sin, guilt and lies. This king sat on the throne in our hearts and made us his slaves. He made us believe that we could do things on our own and we knew the best way for us to live. We were pulled deeper and deeper into sin. We were dead under the leadership of this king

Then we met the King! We wanted this new King to rule our lives. But, our old king did everything in his power to keep his job. This new King offered us love but our king pointed out how much evil we had done. “Who could love you?” asked our king. The new King offered us forgiveness. But our king pointed out all the sin in our lives and asked, “Who could forgive you?” This new King called us to a life that was hard but full of victory. Our current king pointed out all our weaknesses. “How could you have victory? You are a loser!” Finally the new King sacrificed Himself for you. “Even if everything your old king said is true. I love you. I forgive you. I give you the power to be victorious.” So we threw out our old king and replaced him with the True King Jesus Christ.

If you are still living under the old king you need to have a recall. Your life will be so much more with Jesus as your King. He resurrects us from death and gives us life. He rescues us from sin and gives us forgiveness. He rewards us daily for our submission to him. Your recall won’t take place in an election both but in the waters of baptism

Jesus came and died for us not when we were ready for Him to be our king but because he loves us. The perfect Son of God died for us even when we were sinners. Thank the Lord for such love.
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