Wednesday, October 08, 2003

because of yesterdays recall election in california i am going to post two bulletin articles. the first one will finish up the big fat lie series and then after lunch i'll post my "recall" youth zone for this week.

Lie #4: Teens are Selfish Me﷓First Slackers
The author of the article corrected this lie with
uncharacteristic brevity. He simply listed the youth movements and groups that are helping and serving.
New teens join these organization by the thousands every year. In the year 1996 13.3 million teenagers volunteered 2.4 billion hours ﷓ 1.8 billion of those hours were with formal organizations. Also thousands of teens work for a paycheck while going to school.
There are many differences between teenagers today and teenagers of the past. Teens today focus on helping people where they are. They are not out to "Save the Planet." Instead they want to help the homeless man on the street. This is the perspective Jesus took. He knew that by saving individuals He would save the world. He showed everyone He came in contact with that they mattered. He did this by challenging Pharisees to give up their self righteous attitudes. He challenged sinners to live righteous lives. Even though He knew the big picture, He still took time with the little brush strokes.
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