Tuesday, November 02, 2004

true citizenship

i am writting this before i have voted and before any winner is projected because i think that many christians miss something important and i don't want to sound like i am glouting because the candidate i voted for won or like i am a sore losser because my candidate lost.

as a christian and a follower of the LORD JESUS CHRIST i have a king and i am part of the Kingdom of God. It really doesn't matter who sits across the river in the white house because they really don't have any power over me. that person is not my KING he or she is not my LORD. the president of the united states of america doesn't rule the Kingdom of God.

the Kingdom of God is an unstoppable kingdom with no physical or temporal boundaries. The Kingdom spreads all over this planet and has existed before the usa and will exist long after this worlds passes. citizens of the Kingdom are united together thru the blood of the SON, the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

as a christian my allegiance is not to the democratic nor republican party. as christians our concerns should not be of the polotics of this world but of going about the buisness of the Kingdom!
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