Friday, November 12, 2004

unfinished short story

i don't know when this was written and i don't know where it would end so i give it to the world to do with as it pleases

Unfinished Short Story

Look deep into space
What are you seeing?
It is beyond you or me
But he knows?
Yes he knows
He knows the when and where
He knows the how and why
I know it, I see it.
How long
As long as I remember
What are you?
Who are you?
I am the one
The one who runs with the night
I am trapped in my power
He is sad
Yes he is
For he did not ask to be what he is
It is not a gift but a curse
No, you are wrong
It is a gift to those who need your help
Stop pitying yourself
No, how dare you add to my sorrow
I do not add to your sorrow
Instead I give you a way to joy
Yes joy that is what I miss
And what you need

He woke up, the dream over. “Thank you” he thought as reality opened around him. Stumbling through the house he entered the kitchen. Going through his normal morning routine of making coffee. He finally looked at himself in the mirror but was it him? He thought he could see a woman. Where had he seen her before? “The dream, what dream? Of course she is in my dream. Wait how?” He stood there starring at himself. Reaching for the faucet he began to get ready for work

Walking to his car the wind seemed to have a voice, a faint but audible voice. “Help” nothing more than “help” is what the wind asked for. “Don’t lose it now. Business meeting think business meeting.” He said to himself to calm his nerves. “I’ll call Valerie and talk to her. She know about this stuff
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