Saturday, January 22, 2005

it is snowing

today it is snowing.

we will get about 6 inches and the kids will love it

these days always make me introspective and sleepy i like them. with 4 kids it makes it hard to curl up with a cup of tea or coffee and read a book like i want but i catch little quiet moments for myself when i can

i have also been thinking about the fact that it was 14 years ago when my brother died. from this point on i will have more days with out him than i had with him. he was 14 when he died and now that 14 years have passed there are more days with out him that with him. something to think about.

i have so much going on in my life that i don't think about erinn as much as i used to but every time i take ashley to the doctor i am reminded of him. she is named after him and so when it has his first name on her insurance card i am reminded of him. it is not a sad reminder just a little nudge.

kind of the way the wind reminds me of the LORD's prescence. when i stand out in a strong wind i am reminded of God's prescence in my life. it is as if He is pushing on me reminding me He is there. i even talk back and tell Him "i feel you." we all feel the LORD's prescence in different ways and that is mine.
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