Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Meals of Jesus Begins

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for you to eat with Jesus? Have you ever wondered what happened during those meal times mentioned in the Gospels? I have and so I am going to explore the meals of Jesus here on my blog this year.

To do this I had to lay out what is an actual meal with Jesus. I came up with these two criteria for a “meal” of Jesus. First, food is offered to Jesus or he asks for food for himself or someone else. Second, Jesus is either eating or a meal is taking place with him present. Using these two rules as my guide I discovered at least 22 meals of Jesus in the Gospels and Acts. This list includes meals found in several Gospels like Peter’s mother in law being healed and feeding Jesus, diner at Levi/Matthew’s house, the feeding of the 5,000 and his final Passover Meal with the Apostles and disciples. It also includes material unique to individual Gospels such as the wedding in Cana found only in John or multiple meals Jesus has at Pharisee’s houses found only in Luke and his meal with the disciples in Acts when they are told to wait in Jerusalem for the Spirit.

I have learned a lot by experiencing and studying these meals. I want to share my reflections and to hear your reflections as we explore the meals of Jesus.

Here is my list of meals of Jesus


Matthew 4.1-.11

Mark 1.9-.13

Luke 4.1-.13

Wedding in Cana

John 2.1-.11

Peter’s Mother in Law

Matthew 8.14-.17

Mark 1.29-.34

Luke 4.38-.41

Dinner at Levi/Matthew’s House

Matthew 9.9-.26

Mark 2.13-.17

Luke 5.27-.39

Samaritan Women

John 4.1-.54

Grain Heads on the Sabbath

Matthew 12.1-.8

Mark 2.23-.27

Luke 6.1-.5

Dead Girl Eats

Matthew 9.18-.26

Mark 5.43

Luke 8.55

Dinner at a Pharisees (anointing)

Luke 7.36

Feeding of the 5,000

Matthew 14.13-.21

Mark 6.30-.44

Luke 8.10-.17

John 6.1-.15

Feeding of the 4,000

Matthew 15.29-39

Mark 8.1-.13

Dinner at Zacchaeus’ House

Luke 9.1-.27

Mary and Martha’s Home

Luke 10.38-.42

Dinner at Another Pharisee’s House

Luke 11.37-.54

Anointed at Bethany

Luke 12.1-.11

Sabbath at a Pharisee’s House

Luke 14.1-.24

Fig Tree Cursed

Matthew 21.18

Mark 11.12-.14 & .20-.26

Home of Simon the Leper

Mark 14.1-.11

Passover Supper with the Disciples

Matthew 26.1-.30

Mark 14.12-.26

Luke 22.1-.38

John 13-17

Road to Emmaus

Luke 24.13

Post Resurrection Appearance

Mark 6.14

John 22.19-.31

Come and Eat Breakfast

John 21.1-.14

Wait for the Spirit

Acts 1.1-.11

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