Sunday, May 15, 2005

i think this is the longest...

...time i have gone without posting! i want to apologize to all my loyal readers life had caught up with me and made it hard to do.

so what went on in my life over the last month. (not in any chronological order but just random)

lilly is back up and running. she broke down at tyson's corner mall in february dead as a door nail. so she say in front of the byrd house north for about 2 months until my tax rebate came back (you got to love the child tax credit) so now i have my car back. what was the problem you may ask. in the back of the car there is a fuel shut off valve in case the car gets rear ended so it won't explode well that shut off valve had closed while she say in the parking lot. so all the mechanic had to do was turn the valve off and open it up. so a simple problem that no one thought of was what was up!

in my back yard i saw a wild turkey! i had no idea what i was looking at one morning but that is what was. i post some video of it soon.

i have my two interns and housing for them so that is taken care of.

i am rearranging my office after 5 years of the same old office it is time for a new look.

the upper room teen ministry moved from our old room to a new one down the hall. we cleaned all our stuff out of the old upper room today and will move into the new room this wednesday if all goes according to plan. that is a bummer. that group had been in that room for almost 15 years and it had a lot of memories. now we have a new room and we will have new memories.

i will keep this up to date better and i am planning on doing some vlogging as well so we shall see how that works.

good night and see you later
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