Wednesday, May 18, 2005

the predictors are coming

well now that i am blogging again on a more regular basis i am adding a new feature. i am going to post a predictors' song every week. it will be the predictors' song of the week. i have about 12 weeks worth of material on that so by the end of the summer i will need to come up with another new feature. there will also be a predictors' history lesson to go along with each post. i am hoping that my dad and other members of the band will contribute as well. so our first song is "the world is wired" off their tape _siberian_love_call_. i hope you enjoy.

the history lesson for this week is before practice we used to eat at lettuce souprise you down in sandy springs just off roswell rd.

also look for some vlogging to come soon as well!
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