Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Reflections: Joseph Genesis 37 - 45

Reflections: Joseph Genesis 37 - 45

Have you ever wanted to just quit?

Have you ever just wanted to give up?

Has life ever just gotten you so down you were done?

Has your job, family or school just pushed you so far over the edge you just wanted to stop?

We have all been there or we will all be there.  You are not alone.

Life is hard.  Anyone who says different is lying or trying to sell you something.  The LORD never said life would be easy.  Jesus never promised us an easy life.  But we should not give up hope.

Look at Joseph.  He has so many opportunities to say “That’s it I give up.”  or “I have followed the LORD all my life and this is what I get in return.  I quit!”  When his brothers threw him in a well and planned to kill him.  When they sold him into slavery.  When he was purchased by Potiphar.  When he went to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.  When he helped Pharaoh's cup bearer but then was forgotten by the same man.  These were all chances for Joseph to walk away from a god who seemed to make things worse than better.

But he doesn’t let go of the LORD and the LORD doesn’t let go of Joseph.  The LORD in the end turns out to the the GOD who takes the horribleness of life and redeems it into something beautiful.

Reflect on that.

I know life is not easy.  I know it is not easy following Jesus.  I know hat in spite of this following Jesus and holding onto the life he calls us to is better than anything our culture has to offer.  By not giving up on God we are blessed today, tomorrow and in the age to come.
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