Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reflections on Exodus: Who is Joseph? Blessing or a Curse (Exodus 1.1-.14

Refelctions on Exodus
Who is Joseph?
Exodus 1.1 - .14
  The Old Testament book of Exodus opens with a  brief overview of the sons of Israel who traveled to Egypt.  We are told that the 70 decedents of Israel in Egypt had grown so that they were so numerous that the land was filled with them.  At the time of Joseph the relationship between the descendants of Israel and the Egyptians were good.
  Somewhere along the way things went bad between the king of Egypt and the Israelites.  A new king did not know Joseph and the fact that Joseph, thru the wisdom of the LORD, helped the nation of Egypt survive and prosper during 7 years of a great famine.  This new king was afraid of the Israelites because he did not know they could be a blessing to him.
  Why did this new king fear the Israelites?  Perhaps they weren’t the blessings to the Egyptians they were called to be anymore.  The LORD made a covenant with the Abraham the father of Israelites.  The LORD promised that Abraham’s descendant would be a blessing to the nations.  If you look at the story of Joseph you see this promise coming true.  By relying on the wisdom of the LORD Joseph was a blessing.
  But if Joseph hadn't relied on the LORD, he would have become a curse.  We see this in the lives of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham.  When they try to do things on their own they cause more trouble than good to those around them.  So here is my question to you are you a blessing to those around you or are you a curse.  Do you rely on the wisdom of the LORD and live a life accord to the pattern we see in his Son Jesus Christ? Or do you ignore the LORD and try to make it on your own?  If you are trying to do it yourself you will end up being a curse to those around you but if you rely on the LORD you will be a blessing.
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