Thursday, September 25, 2003

here is the next instalment of my 3 love theory series written back in 1997

Love From God

What is the love from God? Simply put this is the love that God shows us. This love is the source of all other loves which exist. In our lives we see numerous examples of this love. For example, the simple fact that we exist shows God's love for us. He did not have to create the universe, but out of love He did. We are kept alive by His love. Everything we need to live is given to us from God as a gift. He shows us His love by keeping us alive.
The greatest example of God's love for us is the sacrifice of His Son. Jesus shows us the love from God better than anything else. God was willing to sacrifice His only Son for a world which hated Him. Jesus was willing to come to Earth and die for you and me. We hated God. We wanted our own way and not God's way. We could never save ourselves. We are the one's that the love from God is poured out onto.
This incredible love is poured into our hearts. So much love comes from God that we can not contain it. This uncontainable love is the source of our love for God and for others. We reflect the "love from God" back to God as the "love for God". We also direct the overflow of the "love from God" to others as the "love of God"
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