Wednesday, September 24, 2003

we survived isabel and i am in the middle of a poem about isabel. we only lost power for about 24 hours. so we got out the camp stove and cooked on the back patio. the neighbors were all asking who was cooking bacon? it was me! also in the morning we got to watch a person being taken away by helicopter after being over come by carbon monoxide posioning. the rest of the day was uneventful.

here is my first bulletin ariticle to be posted here. these will be posted without updating them so they will sound like they were written a while ago. as you can see this article was written about 6 years ago. it is an introduction to my 3 love theory which will be explained as you read the 3 part series.

Subject:The Four Three Loves
Date:Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:40:33 ﷓0400 (EDT)
Over the next three four weeks we will explore what I call my "Three Love Theory." I introduced this theory a couple of weeks ago during our study of 1 John on Wednesday nights in the Upper Room. Here is the theory. There are three loves which exist in the universe: love from God; love for God and love from God. Love from God is the love that God has shown us. This is also the source of all love. Love for God is the love that we show to God. We reflect God's love back up to Him. Finally the love of God is the love that we show others. The love so much love comes from God that we can not contain it all so the over flow is directed toward others. Each of these loves will be explored in more depth.
These loves are more than abstract ideas. Instead they are a new way to think about the way we live as Christians. We are always doing one of these loves. We are always receiving the love from God. Whether we are asking Him for forgiveness or simply existing God is showing us His love. We show God how much we love Him by worshiping Him or doing the third love. Finally we are to show others the love of God. This love shows itself in little and big ways. We show it when we help a new kid at school find their class or participate in a service project. All these loves come from God because "God is Love"
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