Tuesday, September 30, 2003

here is part 3 of my three love theory, if you read this drop me a line and let me know what you think byrdman27@juno.com thanks!

Love of God

This is the love that we show others. The outflow of the love from God. We again need to look to Jesus as an example of this love. His death on the cross was more than God showing us His love. It was also Jesus showing us the love of God. The love we are to show to other people. This is not just a feeling it is an action love. The cross was not simply a sentimental event it was Jesus acting out the love of God. Jesus continually shows us how the "love of God" is an action love.
In the Upper room Jesus teaches the Apostles one last lesson . . . feet washing. The teacher, the Messiah, the Son of God put on a towel and washed the feet of 12 men. An important fact to remember is that feet in sandals rarely stay clean or smell good. Jesus the one who was to be served serves. That is How we are to live out the "love of God." We are to serve those around us. That is what the Mission Project Week was all about, acting out the "love of God." We didn't sit around going "We love those needy kids so much." No we got up and acted. We held hands, we encouraged, we showed those kids the love that flows from Gods through us to them. We were active conduits of love! Like the band dc Talk says "Love is a verb."
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